Welcome to the StatsMonger home page

StatsMonger is a statistical analysis package for unix-based software developers. It is an open source project committed to providing a full-featured library of probability and statistical analysis functions.

Originally written by Steven Piutus, StatsMonger was turned over to the open source community in early 2013. It is still in the very early stages of its development, but we already have a large and growing number of developers committing updates to the project. Alpha release 0.1 should be available for testing by the end of August, with regular updates scheduled after that. We’re currently planning for a large scale beta release by the fall of 2013.

This page is here to provide information about the project both for those interested in helping out with library development, and for developers interested in using StatsMonger in their own projects.

Click the links up there in the header for more information. To get involved in StatsMonger development, contact steve@statsmonger.org.

Special thanks to Jeff Loughlin for providing server space to run the development and testing platform from, and for all his help with the alpha implementation. Without his hard work and dedication this project would have never gotten off the ground.